Houston! We have a problem!

You know that, don’t you? You are at sea, where the humidity is high due to sea water, or in the mountains, where the humidity is caused by altitude and your electronics or devices get really busy. Corrosion and oxidation are the main causes of equipment damage due to excessive contact with water, such as drowning, but also due to excessively humid environment.

They wrote/said about us

No panic! We have a solution!

We have created a new HUMIDEF Protection Technology that can protect equipment after their contact with water (or excessive moisture) from corrosion or the devastating consequences of such contact. We were able to apply this innovative protection technology to common products, thanks to which we created something exceptional, such as HUMIDEF Rescue packages that can not only save electronic devices (phone, tablet, camera, etc.) but also provide permanent protection.

It doesn’t end with the rescue package.

We are constantly working to bring you new innovative products. Take it one step further and protect your devices with minimal effort. Not only will you save time, but also money, as this technology can save you tens or hundreds of € that you would otherwise waste on buying a new device.

However, our main goal is research and development of flood protection systems. As part of ecology and reducing the burden on the environment, we produce these solutions and products from recycled, recyclable and ecological materials as much as possible.


We offer tailor-made solutions.

We do not only manufacture new or innovated products. We can create a tailor-made solution for large and small companies. With us, you can protect your equipment or tools no matter what weather you expose them to. Just contact us.

We create solutions that protect your electronics and extend the life of your electronic devices.

– Humidef s.r.o.