HUMIDEF Rescue package – product for large and small disasters

We offer HUMIDEF Rescue package in several sizes, which will allow you to use it with small, medium or large electronic devices. However, each size is compact, so you can always have the product with you.

The product is created on the basis of our innovative HUMIDEF protection technology and serves as first aid for heating your electronic devices. The inside of the package is lined with natural material, thanks to which you will be able to suck all the moisture and water out of the device. The package also includes an oxygen scavenger and a cellulose chip, which is impregnated with a special substance that releases VCI inhibitors into the environment. Thanks to this, the package can also be used as protection of metallic materials against corrosion or oxidation.

HUMIDEF Protective chip

HUMIDEF The protection chip with VCI technology creates permanent protection of your equipment and technology against corrosion and atmospheric humidity, for a period of 6 months (in ideal conditions even 1 year). The chip is most effective when inserted together with an object into an enclosed space, e.g. into a phone case, bag, case, etc. We offer the product in three sizes – S, M and L (mobile phones, tablets and larger tablets, or similar devices). After expiration, all you have to do is throw it in a container marked “tetra packs”.